Friday, September 22, 2017

Updates on Celebrate - Fêtons 150

It's been a while since I wrote about Celebrating Canada's 150th. I wasn't planning on more posts but I really wanted to share a couple of tid bits - and besides, we are still celebrating here in Ottawa!

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Northcott's Trans Canada Block Party.

Quilt shops across Canada were invited to create an original pattern of a block to celebrate Canada's 150th using Northcott's fabrics. There are some really amazing blocks out there.

All Around Canada block
The patterns are free to people who visit the shops. These patterns and blocks were only available in the shops but after September 1st, they are available to order online. Many of the shops have prepared kits for sale. In one of the Celebrate - Fêtons 150! posts, I featured one of my favourite blocks, All Around Canada, from Along Came Quilting in Calgary Alberta.

It also looks like I will be going to Calgary at the end of October. The shop is definitely on my list of places to visit!

On social media, Northcott invited Mrs. Button to visit all of the shops that participated in the Trans-Canada Block Party. Here is a picture from Facebook.

The images are of Mrs. Bobbin visiting The Cottage Quilter shop in Corbeil, Ontario. Isn't that a cute beaver block?

A map of the participating shops is available on Northcott's Resources page.

I hope to get a chance to pick up a couple of these blocks. Here is the one I made this summer. It's Sergeant Sesquicentennial block from Quilting Pleasure.

Sergeant Sesquicentennial block
from Quilting Pleasure

Northcott is now hosting the Canadian Quilt Challenge based on quilts that were made of at least 6 blocks. I suggest that you go visit the page and vote for your favourite. Votes are open until October 1st, 2017. Check them out and vote! See the Related Links below.

If you're in the area, the 13 finalist quilts will be on display at the Creativ Festival this weekend in Calgary and in Toronto at the end of October.

Grace Noel, Designer of With Glowing Hearts fabric by Moda 

Two weeks ago at the Common Thread Quilt Guild meeting, the guest speaker was Ottawa's Grace Noel. Grace studied design at Algonquin College and for her work term applied for and got her placement with Moda. Wow! How cool is that?

Grace is a gifted artist who has been selling her designs on Spoonflower for years. It was really great to hear how this very young designer created the With Glowing Hearts fabrics. It sounds like it was a great experience - it will sure look good on her resume and portfolio!
With Glowing Hearts by Grace Noel
Here is the quilt that Grace showed us during the presentation. It was made from her fabrics by a friend.
Quilt made using With Glowing Hearts fabrics
Trend-Tex-Fabrics, the Moda distributors in Canada, sponsored a contest with their Glowing Hearts fabrics. The winning quilts will be displayed at the International Fall Quilt Market 2017.

What I learned
  • I don't follow social media much so I wasn't aware of Mrs. Button's visits to the quilt shops. It's great to see the blocks made by the various shops.
  • It's really too bad that I didn't know earlier about Grace and the With Glowing Hearts fabric line. I really like the quilt that Grace brought with her at the presentation. The fabrics looked great.
  • Last week I went to Kingston, Ontario and found a few of the fabrics in the With Glowing Hearts line. I bought a meter of the grey with maple leaves. It's a great souvenir of this year and of Grace's presentation.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Blogger's Quilt Festival
The Blogger's Quilt Festival is on now and hosted by Amy's Creative Side. I learned about this blogging event last year. I'm very happy to be participating in it today.

If you're a blogger and not familiar with the event, go to Amy's Creative Side and check it out! (see Related Links below),

We get to submit up to two separate entries, in posts for quilts that we made in the last year. It's not an easy choice to make but for my first entry I chose my Sweet Memories: Northern Lights art quilt.

Sweet Memories: Northern Lights
Sweet Memories: Northern Lights is my first entry because:
  • It's got hexies (and I'm now very much addicted, due to this project)!
  • It's an original design although based on JoJo's World Quilting Travel Adventure as the project for Canada (my home and native land!)
  • I got to work with hand-dyed cheese cloth and batik fabrics (which I love).
  • This project was featured on my 150th post and 5 year blogging anniversary! 
  • It reminds me of my mother, whose absence hits me hard every once in a while (I guess when I'm in need of my mother).
Sweet Memories: Northern Lights
What I've learned since then:
  • The original finished post is dated March 6, 2017. It's only been less than 7 months but in some ways it feels like years ago. I've produced so many quilts since then and it's all a little bit of a blur. 
  • I never thought that this first hexie project would be the first of many. Given my present obsession, who knows where this little project will lead me to. I do know that I want to make more art quilt featuring these beauties.
  • I love the northern lights and added them to my Canada 150 art quilt. I've been studying how other textile artists have made them and I hope to eventually make more art quilts featuring the northern lights. They are the perfect subject - magical and colourful. What not to love?
  • I've also dyed my own cheese cloth this summer. One of them is my favourite hand-dyed piece. The vibrant colours look good enough to eat :-) 
    JoJo's World Quilting Travel Adventure
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lots of projects!

After the hectic pace of the end of August and the new Learning QAL Goal Setting post, I needed a break. I've been slowly working on many projects - mostly those with deadlines as well as the required procrastination project.

Art with Fabric Blog Hop - Fall 2017

This year's theme is Mother Earth, also known as Gaïa.

I just happen to have a lovely reproduction statue of a beautiful Pre-Columbian female figure from Colombia, South America. I'll be writing more about this beauty in a post just before my blog hop date of Wednesday, October 11, 2017. In the Related Links below you will find a link to the blog hop and its participants.
My muse for the Art with Fabric Blog Hop
I'm going to wait a little to post my progress, although I will say that this weekend I finished the background with hand-dyed fabrics, some of which I made this summer. Because of the fabrics and the theme, this is going to be a very special piece for me :-)

September Learning Quilt-A-Long

Craftsy FMQ course
My September goal for the Learning QAL is to learn and practice more free motion quilting (FMQ). I started by re-watching an old favourite Craftsy course that I hadn't really worked on yet. It's Wild Quilting with Christina Cameli. Christina is very engaging and the course looks at how to put various motifs together.

Practicing Wild Quilting

I did one practice piece so far. I've also started drawing Muv's Rudbeckia design. I have a few more sheets of paper to fill before I'm comfortable with that one.

One Monthly Goal (OMG)

My OMG for September is to make a black and white wall hanging for my niece. I used improvisational piecing. It's now ready to quilt. I know that I want to practice Wild Quilting for this piece. I've got a few ideas but haven't worked it all out yet. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend.

Procrastination Project

Making hexies is my procrastination project of choice these days. There's nothing like listening to a audio book, music or talking with my daughter in the evening as I sew hexies together. I usually design a few and then start sewing them together when I feel like it.

Four completed Hexie Flowers

Dark hexie flower ready to be sewn together
So far I have 4 hexie flowers completed, one partially sewn, 4 designed and ready to sew and 2 being designed. The ones being designed need to have a few more hexies covered in fabric - that's usually because I've chosen colours but need to go into my stash for more fabric. I've also noticed that my flowers are getting wilder as I go. This could get interesting 😊

The box at the top of the Dark hexie flower picture is where I put completed hexies ready to use for designing a flower. I've been having fun trying out different combinations for the inner and outer circles. Since I'm making a black and white wall hanging I thought that I would make a black and white hexie flower from left over fabric. Looking forward to playing with that! 

What I learned
  • I'm finding it difficult to have to complete posts on time for the Learning QAL. I'm trying to keep organised with a list of the posts that I have to complete, their dates and the projects that need to be done by then. That's a lot more organisation than I like but it is helping me keep on track.
  • The Learning QAL has doubled in participation in September - from 1 to 2! I hope we can keep those stats going :-)
  • Since starting to English Paper Piece (EPP), I'm now seeing hexagons and potential projects everywhere! I keep thinking that I should EPP other shapes but I want to push the hexies and see what I can come up with. I have a couple of art quilt ideas with them in mind. I'm looking forward to playing with these in the next few months.
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Learning QAL - September Goal Setting

Welcome to the Learning Quilt-A-Long (QAL)

Have you thought about your learning goal for September yet? Since September is traditionally the time for returning to school, it's a good time to consider what you'd like to learn this month.

Since I have a deadline in early October (see you at the Art with Fabric Blog Hop!),  I am going to keep this month's learning simple.

September Learning Goal: To learn a few more free motion quilting (FMQ) patterns.

There are so many great resources available - on the internet, in books, magazines, courses, etc. What I will be doing this month is use a few of these to learn and practice my FMQ. Since I have to keep this post interesting with images, here is some of the FMQ that I've done so far.
Race Car design from Lori Kennedy
Re-quilting a batik runner

Practicing my feathers

Using Angela Walter's Dot-to-Dot technique
Here are a few of the resources that I will be using (the links are in the Related Links below)

  • I want to learn a few of Muv's designs such as the Oak Leaf, the Rudbeckia, and the Berries and Leaves.
  • Craftsy: I have a ridiculous amount of free motion courses. I have watched and learned from many of them but it's time to get serious about learning and practicing! 
  • Of course I have to mention some of the renown FMQ teachers such as Leah Day, Angela Walters and Lori Kennedy. I have many books, web links and Craftsy courses by these ladies.  
  • There are a few quilters that I've discovered recently such as Esther with her 365 Day Doodle challenge and Yanicka's Three Feathers pattern. 
Re-quilting a door hanging
As the month progresses, I will share with you show off my FMQ and tell you what I learned using the various resources.

I really hope that you'll join me on my journey this month. You can follow along and share some of your favourite FMQ learning resources or you can link-up your own learning project below!

One Monthly Goal (OMG) - Updated September 3, 2017
Black & white fabrics for my OMG

When I wrote this post all of these projects were rather overwhelming. Now that I've had a couple of days to start and think things through, I've decided that my OMG for September will be to create a little wall hanging in black and white for my niece. She asked for this at Christmas but I was stuck - I just had no inspiration (more about that when I finish this project). I will be combining the FMQ for this month with the OMG to create that wall hanging that will showcase some of the FMQ I've practiced and learned.

What I learned
Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques
with Cindy Needham

  • It was so tough coming up with something that would be fun to learn but that could be done in smaller chunks of time and not too large and overwhelming. I really want this Learning QAL to be about the fun of learning and not the stress. I will be consciously trying to live that principle.
  • Since it was tough to decide, I now have a list of the many, many things that I want to learn in the next months. It was really good to take a look at all of the resources that I have access to. There is so much out there!
  • As I was adding the resources to my list, I wanted to make sure that I promote not only the obvious resources, but also the up-and-coming and not so famous ones. There are so many talented people out there who are so generous about sharing what they learn. It's so much fun to find them.
  • It's often a challenge to find visuals for a blog post where I haven't really done anything yet! Oh well, I guess that's when re-using photos comes in handy :-)
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The August prize for participation goes to Donna of quiltpaintcreate. Thanks so much for participating! I will be in touch with you about sending you Yanicka's Cougar pattern featuring her Fractured image technique.

The September prize for participating in both the September Goal Setting and Sum Up link-ups will be a $20 (US) gift certificate for a quilting book so that you can keep on learning! For those who don't want to pay shipping, it can be a e-book (they are my favourites!) I am sorting out the details and will announce the publisher in the September Sum Up post.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Finishes

Growing Up QAL with Alida
It's been a huge month of finishes. And here I was worried that nothing would get done!

Growing up QAL for August
Getting block 8 done on time!

I had to write this post to link up my finished Growing up QAL block which is a Bargello block. This was the first time that I had done one, although I have admired them from afar for a long time.   
Block 8 - Bargello
I love the gradual changes in colour but I knew that it wouldn't be easy. I'm sure that if you're piecing is accurate and your good at following directions that it's not so bad. But since I'm not so great at both of these things, there was a lot of re-arranging of blocks behind the scene! But it's done and I'm very proud. Thanks Alida for this learning opportunity.

I've posted all of my finishes but if anyone has missed them, here's a recap.

One Monthly Goal for August

I managed to finish my August goal early! It was my lovely Hexie Table Topper.

I've been working on a few ideas for more hexies. After playing around I figured out that I like the pieces that have some consistency in the colour combinations.

I've been making more hexies with at least 6 hexies of the same fabric, so that I'll have at least one flower of the same colour. I love playing around with combinations and should have a few ideas to show you soon.
Neutral Lap Quilt FMQ block

One Monthly Goal for July

My goal for July was to finish quilting and binding my Neutral Lap Quilt - Take 5 Loves Coffee Milk. It didn't happen in July, but I did finish it this week. I only have to make a label for it. I'll be posting the results of this project within the next couple of weeks!

Learning QAL Goal for August

Whimsical Daisy appliqued block

Finally my goal for the August Learning QAL was to dye my own fabric. I was very good at procrastinating! I cleaned up and inventoried my quilting supplies, made an cute applique block and finished the second Classy and Scrappy placemat!
Classy side of the placemat

But I did it! I finally got my act together and dyed my own fabric!

It took quite a while to get it to dry but it's done. Now I just have to make something with that amazingly colourful fabric :-)

I couldn't resist - I took a picture of Chevy watching me lay out the fabric to dry on the lawn. She was not impressed with the fact that I wouldn't let her join me outside! Can you image a hand-dyed doggy?
Chevy - not allowed to play
with the dyed fabric!

What I learned

  • Procrastinating can be very productive. Maybe not for the project you're supposed to make, but for everything else that you procrastinate with!
  • I was getting tired of making hexies with no goal in mind. Now that I've picked out a few fabrics to make a few hexies from, it's given me some encouragement. I can't wait to see what combinations I can come up with. It's like making a puzzle but with fabric - how can it get any better?
  • I've been thinking about my month of September since I have an Art with Fabric Blog Hop coming up in early October. I hope that I'm not being overly ambitious but only time will tell!
  • I also have to come up with a learning goal for the September Learning QAL. The easy thing would be to make the Art with Fabric piece the goal, but then I wouldn't be showing it off till two weeks later, so I don't think that's going to work. Well, I have a day to think about it. No pressure :-)
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Results of learning to dye fabric

I did it! All the fabric has been dyed. The drying of the fabric actually took two days - much longer than the dying process. I guess when they say that you can leave your fabric to dry on the table between sheets of plastic, they mean that you can do this if it's hot outside. I guess a high of 20 C (68 F) and a low of 14 C (57 F) just doesn't cut it!
The fabric on the table didn't dry - it was too cool outside.
The fabrics looked great on the table but only the bottom ones were slightly dry - the rest were still dripping!

Fabric drying in the sun
In mid-morning, I placed plastic sheets on the ground, in the sunlight, and very carefully transferred the fabric from the table to the plastic.

The fabric on the left was originally a white-on-white.
I even had to hang one piece since I didn't have enough plastic! Once the smaller pieces were dry, I was able to rotate them. Within two hours, everything was dry.

A very colourful yard!
I think I was supposed to start by rinsing the fabrics individually to get rid of the excess dye....oops! I put everything in the washing machine with some fixative and two dye catcher sheets. I washed in hot and rinsed in cold - twice. The third time I washed them only in cold - by then the dye catchers were almost white. Since these fabrics will be used for art quilts, I think that this is good enough!

Lots of yummy fabrics to play with now!
My final fabrics are a little brighter than in the pictures. These are some of my favourites! You can see the see-through cotton on the fence. Below are two pieces of the cheese cloth.

Finished hand-dyed cheese cloth and cotton.

I now also have some very lovely pink gardening pants and rags :-)

What I learned

  • Because I was nervous about the whole process, I spent all my time planning the dyeing part. I should have spent a little more time on the details of what to do after it was all dyed!
  • The fabric is lovely, though perhaps a little on the extremely colourful side - nothing subtle this time around.
  • It would be lovely to work with only a couple of colours but with more shades.
  • I'll be checking out the internet to see what fibre artists do with their dyed fabric!
  • I dyed some cheese cloth as well as some rather see-through cotton. These are my favourites! This was not what I expected. 
  • I would love to dye some organza and such...and of course more cheese cloth.
  • Since fall is almost here, the next time I dye fabric will likely be indoors. I plan to make something with my hand-dyed fabric before I dye more, but I think that it's safe to say that I will be doing this again.
  • Thanks to everyone who encouraged me. It was a wonderful learning experience. 

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Don't forget to plan your September Learning Goal for the Learning QAL. Join in the fun - learn something new, share with the community and maybe even win a prize!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Learning QAL - August Sum Up

Welcome to the first 
Learning Quilt-A-Long Sum Up post and link-up.

My learning goal for August was to dye my own fabric! This was big! I was nervous! The actual dyeing was almost anti-climactic :-) Isn't it typical to see new things as complicated and difficult?

Learning to dye fabric

I approached it as I mentioned in my goal setting post.
  • I started by reading a couple of books and blogs, and watching some YouTube videos. I have listed my favourites resources in the Related Links section below.
  • I bought some supplies since the measuring cup, funnel, measuring spoons and whisk shouldn't be used for cooking any more. 
  • I already had my kit and some fabrics but bought a little bit more :-) and raided my stash for a few fat quarters.
  • I made notes - lost the notes and re-wrote more notes!
  • I washed all of the fabric last week, even the Prepared For Dyeing (PFD). After reading all kinds of advice, I just used my usual unscented laundry soap.
Fabric pile ready to dye
  • I put away all of the laundry in the laundry room so that nothing could get accidentally dyed.
  • I mixed the soda ash with the warm water (about one cup for a little more than a gallon), unfolded the fabric and placed it all in the mix.
  • I set everything up on the top of the washer and dryer, with rags under everything.
  • As suggested, I misted the rags so that the dye powders would stick to them rather than float in the air. That was a very valuable tip. You can see from the picture below that the rag underneath the jars is quite colourful from dye powder that stuck to the wet rag.
  • You can also see that my two cups measurement was pretty uneven.
Black, fuchsia, yellow and turquoise prepared dyes 

My supplies and prepared dyes on the washer and dryer
It was now time to take everything outside. 
  • I placed my old picnic table in the sun and then covered it with plastic. 
  • From the original yellow, turquoise and fuchsia dye mixes, I made purple with the turquoise and fuchsia; and green with the yellow and turquoise. I realised half way through the day that I had forgotten to make orange dye.
  • I placed some of each dye in the plastic squirt bottles for easier application.
Dyes ready to use

Table set up in the sun
Then the real work began!
  • I took fabric out of the soda ash water, wrung it and then placed it on the plastic covered table.
  • I found that the hardest part of dyeing fabric was to decide what colours to use. The only piece that I used just one colour on was a fat quarter that I dyed purple, since I had lots left near the end of the day.
  • I tried to dye the fabric with colours that might be used for landscape art quilts. Of course, if I don't like all of the colours on one piece, I can always cut it up.
  • I did a few pieces the way Sharon Collins makes them, by applying different colours of dye on half of the fabric and then folding the other half over it to get a mirror effect. 
I have no idea what I was thinking!
The picture was taken before I covered it with plastic and spread it out.
Let's hope for the best :-)

The fabrics are white on white.
I heard that you can get nice effects by dyeing them.
As I look at the pictures I took of the fabric with dye on it, I'm not sure what to expect. I may have gone a little too crazy with the colours. Oh well, this is what learning is about!

I wish that I could show you the results in this post, but the fabric is still outside. I placed the table where it will get maximum sunlight. I will be removing the fabrics tomorrow and then washing it.

Fabric dyed and waiting to dry.
What I learned
  • Dyeing fabric is a lot of work, but I'm sure that it gets easier with practice!
  • I'm really glad that I misted my work space with water since I got dye powder on the rags. I should have known since I always get flour and sugar all over everything when I bake!
  • I should have cut my plastic pieces before starting to dye - and I should have used heavier plastic. I did use medium weight but I think that heavy weight would probably not have wrinkled as much when placed on top of the fabric. I'm not sure what effect this will have on the dyed fabric. I guess we'll see soon enough!
  • I'm happy to say that I wore my plastic gloves most of the day. I did take them off to arrange the cheese cloth on the table, and then only used one gloved hand to apply the dye. Since most of it was fuchsia, the pink doesn't look too bad on my fingers - and most of it washed out after a shower and doing some dishes.
  • Next time I will probably dye a smaller batch of fabric. I was tired about half way through dyeing my fabrics. 
  • Next time I also want to think more about the colours and the effects that I want to achieve on the fabric since I won't be so worried about the process.
  • I still have some dye mix ready to use. From everything that I've read, it seems to keep from 1 to 5 weeks.
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